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Megan Melcher

SAS Coordinator



Stephanie Lartelier

Assistant Principal
Parent Informational Meeting 8.12.20

School for Advanced Studies (SAS)/GATE

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The Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) is an option designed to support and expand Gifted/Talented Programs in schools throughout the District. The Schools for Advanced Studies Demonstration Sites provide high-level academic programs to serve the educational needs of gifted and high achieving learners. The Hamilton program serves students going into the 9th, 10th, AND 11th Grade. The SAS Program is designed to expand student assessment and identification and to offer a differentiated instructional program. Gifted learners perform at remarkably high levels when assessed in comparison with others of their age/grade peers. Highly able learners should receive careful attention and differentiated program planning to ensure that their knowledge and skills are extended.
Transportation services are not provided. Parents are expected to provide transportation.
Student Outcomes
     • Accelerated student performance
     • Development of independence and self-direction
     • Acceleration in a discipline or across disciplines
     • Increased use of technology for research and multi-media presentations
     • Increased participation in state and national tests and competitions
     • Early college admission
     • Concurrent enrollment in two grades and/or college