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 Hamilton Swimmer Ryan Zerpa !

             All City Selection !


           Interested in joining the Hami Swim Team?


     If you can swim, we can train you to swim fast.


The Hami swim team made the rest of CIF LA City Division sit up and take notice last year. One of our male swimmers took 1st place in the 100 Y Backstroke at CIF LA City Section Championships and represented Hami at the CIF State Swimming & Diving Championships in Clovis, CA. Our boys relay team made it all the way to the CIF LA City Section Championship finals, finishing in 10th place for the division and dominating over Venice, Carson, Eagle Rock, Bell, Van Nuys and Marshall. If we get enough boys and enough girls for all the events and all the relays, Hami has the chance to be a top scoring team and our relay teams could make it all the way to the CIF LA City Section finals again this year and potentially even the State Championships.


                      Be a part of a growing and rising team. Join the Hami Swim Team.


            Fall/Winter Athletes:


Swimming is a great cross-training sport during your off-season from your main sport. No risk of getting injured and will improve your speed and endurance for when you return to playing or participating in your regular sport. Josh Cribbs swam on his HS swim team prior to scoring 11 touchdowns with the Cleveland Browns. Kris Humphries was also a multi-sport athlete on his HS swim team, and many other famous athletes swam during HS and during their off-seasons. Many NFL players use swimming as a training tool during their off-season because it’s easy on the joints and improves endurance and speed. If you play another sport, and can swim, you are likely to be fast in the water too, and the Hami swim team needs you to help us dominate the LA City Division this year. Not to mention that you are 47% more likely to get recruited to play your primary sport in college when you are a multi-sport HS athlete.




  • Speak to your guidance counselor ASAP and let them know that you would like to be added to the Hami Swim Team for Spring Semester. This will take the place of your 7th period class. If your 7th period class during this semester was another sport, PE class, or one semester class, this is the only step you need to take.


  • If your current 7th period class is part of a year-long class, you will need to work with your guidance counselor to confirm the online course for the 2nd semester of your year-long class.


  • Please go to RIGHT AWAY and get your athletic paperwork submitted ASAP. Swim starts in the Spring semester and it’s important to make sure you are eligible now. Even if you are already cleared as an athlete for a Fall or Winter sport, you still need to go into your athlete clearance account and add Swimming & Diving as one of your sports and make sure you are cleared.


  • Once your paperwork is complete online at, please print a copy and drop off to Dianne Brouhard in Room #707. This step must be done or you will not be cleared to swim.


     Announcements coming soon with details about the pool location,       practice schedule, try-outs, etc.




  • You will not miss any classes for practice. You will miss a few classes for swim meets because the bus will need to leave the campus typically around 1pm for regular season meets and between 11am-1pm for championship meets but these absences are considered excused so you will be able to make up any work without being penalized. Last season we had 7 regular season meets and 3 championship meets.


  • The swim team counts as a PE credit.