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  Emmely Aquino AMPA Counselor, Last Name L-Z
  Sherymaria Bacon (310) 280-1400 ex: 1554 CAA Counselor
  Megan Melcher MSM Counselor
  Jocelyn Monroy-Saavedra College Counselor
  Syd Navas BITA Counselor
  Karen Sackett Global Studies/ SAS Counselor

Alexander Hamilton Senior High School

Statement of Solidarity


Hamilton Family


Hamilton High School remains committed to battling racism and injustices of any kind. We join with many other schools and institutions that are doing the necessary work to ensure our students thrive on campus and live in a more equitable society.

In the spirit of full transparency, we want to make you aware of the strides that our school community has committed to action, including Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Anti-Racist trainings, curriculum revisions, and the creation of safe spaces.

As we reflect on where we were in the spring with the civil unrest following the tragic loss of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor--and many others who have fallen victim to the senseless acts against Black people in America--we find ourselves still fighting a fight toward humanity. This is evident in the recent shooting of Jacob Blake. Hamilton, like many other schools and institutions, heard the voice of its Black students who felt unheard and unseen, and who called for us to do better.

We have created a Black Student Support Committee comprised of nearly 30 educators from across all parts of the campus. This group met every week during the summer and have committed to continue meeting throughout this school year. The committee focuses on four areas: Professional Development/Curriculum, Staff Support, Student Support and Parent Support. We have also requested to join the Howard Group, an organization founded by Dr. Tyrone Howard whose work is to facilitate schools towards becoming anti-racist institutions. We also have an amazing Black Student Union Parent Group that meets monthly to bring Black families together to not only network, but to share relevant information with one another and provide support for Black students as they navigate Hamilton.

As One Hami Community, we will continue to meet with the shared vision to support and uplift our Black students. Our efforts will be shared with the entire Hamilton family in a living document that will be updated regularly with our progress in supporting Black students. It will also highlight areas in which we still need to grow. We know we can do better and we will!


We hear you.

We see you.

We are One Hami Family.