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Parent & Family Center

West Area Post-Strike Parent & Community Update Meeting

Greetings Hami Families,

Please join us next Thursday, March 6th @ 6pm, in the Hami cafeteria, for our "Post Strike Parent Update Meeting!"

If you still have permeating questions/concerns, come get 1st hand answers!



Parent Conference Night & 11th Grade Parent Meeting This Thursday!

Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place this Thursday, February 21st from 5:00 – 7:00 PM. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to conference with teachers regarding the academic progress and social development of their child. We hope to see you all here. 
And for all parents of 11th graders, please plan to stay for a very important meeting right after parent conferences. The parent meeting for the Class of 2020 will begin at 7:00 pm in the Theater and will include important information such as:
  • Picking the best 12th grade schedule for your student
  • Surviving the last year of high school
  • Starting the college application process


This year's long awaited "Bullying Awareness & Prevention" Workshop will be held this Tuesday, February 12, 2019, from 8:30am-10:30am! Come learn both common and well-hidden identifiers, coupled with strategic methods of prevention!

 Please join us for what is planned to be an impactful workshop on "Anti-Bullying."  We'll examine strategies that will help you identify whether or not your child is being bullied, is a bully, and a wealth of other strategies on how to deal with bullying, from prevention to reporting!

Sweetheart Week @ Hami! Support Our Stars!!!

Next week is St. Valentine's Day, and our phenomenal "Ham-Lit" Poetry Team will be performing what will be and amazing sweetheart's day experience, Wednesday, February 13 @ 4:30pm, in the Adidas Sound Lab!  They don't EVER get any support, and the performances are free, so please see the attached flyer, and if you're available please come show them some love! 💘💙💗💘💙💗💘💙💗


Also on, On Tues. & Wed. February 13th and 14th, please support our moderately to severely disabled students by purchasing handmade cards and gift bags for your special Valentine!  Please see attached flyer for info!!!


Lastly, our Black History Month Movie/Discussion series is cancelled!

PFC Temporary Hours Until 2/14/2019

Greetings Parents! 

On Mondays February 4th and 11th, The Parent & Family Center will not be open until 10:30am.  Please make a note of it!

Parent & Family Center Spring Workshop series

Greetings Hami Families!

It has been a wonderful Fall Semester!  I would like to thank all of you who have volunteered, participated in the workshops, shown up to Booster and "Coffee w/Ms. P.," and all the parents who have been extremely supportive to our students and families through other means!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Break!

Next Semester, please look forward to (but not limited to) the following workshops:

  • Bullying Awareness & Prevention
  • College Preparedness Series for Parents, which includes "A-G Graduation Requirements"
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Human/Sex Trafficking Awareness & Prevention
  • Surviving an Active Shooter
  • Mental Health & Meditation
  • Nutrition

Pre-registration for these workshops will be coming soon!


HYGIENE ITEMS NEEDED FOR HOMELESS TEENAGERS! NOW!!! PLEASE DONATE!!! One of the most heart-wrenching things to hear is when you ask a child what they want for Christmas, and they say "soap, lotion, shampoo," etc.! If you'd like to DONATE hygiene items or a gift card towards purchasing such items, PLEASE CONTACT Ms. Tyler VIA TEXT @ 310.259.9741!


Greetings, Hami Families!

Our LAUSD Parent and Family Engagement Policy, also know as "Parent Involvement Policy" is now available online, and is being mailed out on 11/30/18 to all Hamilton families! In addition to the mailing, the hard copies are available in your Parent and Family Center, Rm 109 for your convenience. You will also find both the English and Spanish versions on the left sidebar of this portal. If you require the Policy in another language, please contact your Parent Rep., and one will be made available.


The hamilton yankees school-parent compact is now available!

Greetings Parents,

Hamilton High School-Parent Compact is available in hard copy, as well as in our Hami Website. Please review! You will find it on the left side of this portal.

Each year, every school in LAUSD is charged with honoring our commitment as being jointly responsible for the success of our children. from that accountability is birthed the " School-Parent Compact". The Compact is developed, starting with a Parent Focus Group of Title I parents, to discuss increasing children achievement, based on grade-level and core-curriculum data. Our School-Parent Compact for achievement is revised based on these discussions. Teachers suggest home learning support strategies, parents add ideas to make them more specific, and students identify ways to further support their learning goals. Lastly, it is then review and approved by out School Site Council.

Building Partenerhips

Please visit our Hamilton High School website for a full list of partnership at Hamilton to support student success.

Welcome Back/Welcome New Parents to Hami 2018-19!!!

Welcome, Parents!


We are so excited to embark upon a new school year!!!  Whether you are the parent of a senior, or an incoming 9th grader, our Parent & Family Center has so much to offer each family, in support of our students' academic success!


There are two major tasks that we need each family to complete ASAP:


-The "More than a Meal (Lunch) Application

Our school-wide Title I Funding is contingent upon the information provided through the meal application, Fee waivers for all standardized exams are qualified through the data collected from the meal application, SO WHETHER YOUR CHILD EATS THE FOOD OR NOT, WE NEED AN APPLICATION FROM EVERY FAMILY ON CAMPUS!!!


-PASSport Registration

PASSport (LAUSD Parent Portal) is an all-inclusive, 24/7 support system that securely connects parents to their student's vital data, and allows us to effectively monitor our children's progress towards graduation, as well as communicate directly with our children's learning team!


Thanks in Advance!


The Hami Parent & Family Center

  As a school, we strive to help children pursue their dreams and reach their fullest academic potential.  Being that parents are the first teachers of our students, the Parent & Family Center provides learning and volunteer opportunities to help parents support their child’s learning at home and at school. The Parent& Family Center serves as a resource to ensure that parents are valued as equal partners and stakeholders on behalf of our children, as well as to help remove barriers to student success.

 The Parent & Family Center provides resources on various topics (testing information, college admissions, parenting strategies, etc.), as well as referrals for family support, wrap-a-round services, and community collaborations. There is technology available with internet access, for parents to complete school-related forms, access the Parent Portal, apply for jobs and other career-readiness tasks, search for family resources, explore prospective colleges and careers, and other tasks related to the direct success of their student(s) and family.


Stop by anytime!~



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