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Using Music to Develop Character

Gustavo Esquivel has emotional experiences and memories that are deeply tied to music. He uses music to produce songs that reinforce the everyday benefits of characteristics such as respect, responsibility, and honesty. Coming from a violent community in El Salvador, he uses these characteristics to resolve conflicts nonviolently and facing and overcoming fears.

2017-2018 Single Plan for Student Achievement

Hamilton Family:

Here is our Single Plan for Student Achievement for the 2017-2018 academic year. If you have any questions regarding the Single Plan please contact the Title I Coordinator at 310-280-1414


2017-2018 Single Plan for Student Achievement

English Learners Department

English Learners Options

Alexander Hamilton Senior High School

Prospective English Language Learners


If English is not the primary language spoken in your household, and you are enrolling your child in school, you may benefit from our services. It is our goal to ensure that your child has a meaningful and positive academic experience in high school while trying to acquire English Language Fluency. Please visit the EL office (Room 116) during spring enrollment for information and orientation about the EL program.




See Mrs. Monroe

(EL Coordinator)

July 30, 2018-August 10, 2018



*Also available to meet during registration with an appointment.




Alexander Hamilton Senior High School

Posible Ingresante al Programa Bilingüe 


Si el inglés no es el idioma hablado en su casa y está inscribiendo a su hijo/a en la escuela, usted podría beneficiar de nuestros servicios. Es nuestra meta asegurarnos que su hijo/a tenga una experiencia positiva y significativa en la preparatoria, mientras intenta de obtener fluidez al inglés. Por favor visite la oficina del programa bilingüe (Salón 116) durante las inscripciones de la primavera para obtener información y orientación sobre el programa.



Visite la Sra. Monroe

(Coordinadora del Programa Bilingüe)

del 30 de Julio del  2018 al 10 de Agosto del 2018

de 8:00am a 10:00am-lunes a viernes


*Disponible para reunirse durante las inscripciones con una cita.



EL Students Grooving Towards Reclassification in Hip Hop Class
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Parents, If you received this flyer or invitation, it is important for you to attend!
LTEL January 2018 flyer.png
Reading Program
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Important Testing Dates

Parents and Students!


If you are in the EL program, it is important for you to be aware and prepare for the required tests.


Please look at our important dates for testing in the EL program:

  • Initial CELDT August 15 – June 1 
  • RI Testing Window- October 23- Nov 27
  • ELPAC Initial Assessment – Field Test 1 August 28 – September 22  
  • ELPAC Annual Summative Assessment 2 February 1 – May 31, 2018 

Alexander Hamilton Senior High School

English Language Learner Department

Please join us for a meeting to discuss your child’s progress in the English Language Learner Program. We will create goals for your child’s academics. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to meet with the EL Coordinator, your child’s counselor, teachers, and other support staff.

The dates below are based on your child’s grade-level. Please save the date and plan to attend this meeting. You are a key component to your child’s success here at Hamilton High School.

The meetings will be:

Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 8:15 a.m.

The meeting will be held in the library.

If you have any questions about these meetings, please call our EL Coordinator Mrs. Monroe to (310) 280-1414, our Title III Coach Mr. Seislove (310) 280-1416, or our EL Community Representatives Emmely Aquino or Diego Alva to (310) 280-1518.

English Learners Advisory Committe 2017-18



ELAC has elected new cabinet members for the 2017-2018 school year. We would like to thank everyone who came to our ELAC elections meeting and, also, thank you to our newly elected members.


This year's cabinet consists of:


Nidett Quintero, Chair person

Alma Pimentel, Vice-Chair

Norma Hernandez, Secretary

Sandra Pacheco, Parliamentarian


Maria Pulido, EL Parent

Maria Zamarripa, Non-EL parent

Jorge Villata, Teacher

Diego Alva, Staff



The purpose of the ELAC is to advise the Principal and the School Site Council on programs and services for English learners on the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement. In these meetings, parent can voice also their opinions and concerns.


We highly encourage you to join our ELAC here at Hamilton and get involved to start making a difference in your child's education!

Remember, getting involved does not end at home.

Shoebox Donation Drive

We would like to thank our EL students for their efforts in this year's Shoebox Donation Drive. With the support of our students, Hamilton High School was able to collect over 40 shoeboxes during the Shoebox Donation Drive benefiting children in Rosarito, Mexico.


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Reclassification Criteria/ Critero de Reclasificacion

Reclassification Criteria

  • Overall score of 4 or 5 on the CELDT (Nothing less than 3 on a domain)
  • Basic or Higher on the SRI (6th-12th grade) or Standard Met or Standard on the ELA-SBAC (3-8 and 11th grade).
  • Grade of "C" or better in grade-level English or LTEL class.

Math Tutoring:

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Tutoria para Matematicas:

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English Learners Locker
8/23/18 10:16 AM
8/23/18 10:17 AM
8/23/18 10:17 AM
2/28/17 10:48 AM
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