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French 1 A/B

This course provides practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French within scope; includes brief dialogues, and narratives related to activities in school, home and community. Stresses in correct pronunciation and intonation; correct use of elementary language structures. Introduces concepts related to geography of the French-speaking world and the culture of the French speaking countries. 

French 3 A/B and French 4 A/B

The purpose of these intermediate and advanced levels is to continue to increase proficiency in communicating in the French language according to the cultural practices of France. Emphasis is also placed in the awareness of the history, geography, and cultures of the countries and regions where French is the main language. 


Pre-requisite: successful passing of French 1AB, French 2AB. 

French 2 A/B

The objective of French 2AB is to continue to develop an intermediate level of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students at this level will learn to communicate with ease in French in a variety of everyday topics such as family, daily activities, personal interests, sports, cuisine, shopping, travel, and school activities.