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course descriptions

Arabic 1 A/B

The goal of Arabic 1AB is to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. It also includes mastering phonics and the writing system is Arabic. By the end of Arabic 1AB, students will be able to: carry on a simple conversation about: personal interests, biographical information, express feelings, different topics related to school and social activities, family, read and understand age appropriate authentic materials, sports, etc.

Pre-requisites: no previous experience necessary. Heritage speakers will be evaluated prior to enrollment in the course for proper placement. 

Arabic 2 A/B

The objective of Arabic 2AB is to continue to develop writing, speaking, reading, and listening. It also includes mastering pronunciation of phrases and developing an intermediate level of writing. Students at this level will be able to communicate in a variety of topics including: social settings, family, daily activities, school, personal interests, Arabic cuisine, travel, sports, and shopping. 


Pre-requisites: successful completion of Arabic 1AB. 


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Star Talk Summer Program



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