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Bi-Literacy Awards Program

The Bi-Literacy Awards is a program that celebrates fluency in two or more languages. Students, who meet the requirements, receive a special seal on their diplomas and an honor cord  to wear in graduation. See Mrs. Salazar in Rm. 806 for more information.

World Languages

World Languages and Cultures

We, the Department of World languages and Cultures at Hamilton High School Complex, strive to promote cultural awareness among our students through the learning of languages and cultural traditions. The teachers of the Department expect students to fully participate and engage in the learning process while acquiring new communication skills in a World Language. Spanish, French, and Arabic are among the most spoken languages in the world and they are a necessity to compete in a global economy. Finally, two years of the same language is required to graduate high school. 

From the Desk of the Department Chair

Dear Parents and Students,

Please Read the following excerpts from the District regarding homework policy:

The purpose of homework is fourfold:

It is meant to be an opportunity for independent practice, to reinforce learning and to help students master specific skills.

It can be used as a preparation for introducing material to be presented in future lessons.

It is an opportunity for students to extend their current skills into new situations.

It is a means by which students may integrate many different skills to a larger task, such as book reports, projects, or other creative      avenues (Vatterott, 2009) (page 1).


Grade Level

Maximum Homework Time Allocation


page5image10888 page5image11312

9 - 10

Average of 25 minutes for each academic class daily


11 - 12

Average of 30 minutes for each academic class daily

(page 5)

Office of Curriculum, Instruction and School Support, May 9, 2012

It is important for students to adhere to these guidelines to ensure success in the study of world languages. 



Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Why Should I take AP Courses?

Taking AP courses is a challenging task. It requires more dedication than a regular course. Research findings show a connection with benefits, such as a stronger college application, higher GPA, better prepared to take undergraduate college courses in the same field as the AP course. I have selected a few documents about the benefits of AP courses for your reading pleasure. BE INFORMED. In addition, TALK to your COUNSELOR. He or she can better advise you. For more information about World Language AP courses, please talk to Mr. Feldman, Mr. Ovalle, Mr. Leon, or Mrs. Salazar.



World Language and Cultures Department



Latin America Student Organization is a student club which promotes cultural awareness of Latin American tradition at Hamilton. L.A.S.O. sponsors an annual cultural assembly. For more information see Mr. Ramos, Ms. Martinez or Ms. Rodriguez.