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Rebecca Hurst

PreCalculus News...

Statistics Unit Homework:

Chapter 2 :  Page 105  Problems 1-11 all

Chapter 3:   Page 125  Problems 1-9 all

Chapter 5:   Page 196  Problems 1-10 all

PreCalculus News...

Bring Laptop to class for the Statistics Unit.   Read Chapter 1.

Go to locker to upload document for Statistics Unit.

Movie Review or Book Report?

Extra Credit Assignment


Students can write a book report or movie review about the novel Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly.

Hidden Figures is showing at a theater near you and the book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or online.


There will be questions to answer regarding the movie.  if you READ the book, write a 1-2 page book report.  Write a synopsis of the story and provide your thoughts about the book. 


Hidden Figures Trailer:



The Story:





Look for RESOURCES to assist you with your homework in the locker. You may find links to websites and powerpoint presentations.

About the Teacher...

I began teaching for the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1996. I taught Mathematics and Computer Science at John C. Fremont High School. I was featured in the article "Honor in the Boxcar: Equalizing Teacher Quality"; and interviewed for the Channel 4 News for my dedication and commitment to teaching.  I completed my masters degree from California State University in Secondary Teaching Mathematics in 2002. I have been teaching at Alexander Hamilton Academy of Music Magnet Program since 2005.  I was a Math Coach at Venice High School in 2008-2009 and returned to Alexander Hamilton Academy of Music and Performing Arts Magnet High School for the 2009-2010 school year.