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Chismes & other issues

Dear Parents,

            Welcome to my website. This page was created to provide parents with information about issues pertaining to my classes. I invite you to explore this site and become familiar with the content on each page.  Each section was created with my students and their parents in mind. It is my goal to provide each and every one of my students with an educationally challenging curriculum and fun environment conducive to learning. 

            Every year on the first day of school, students receive a copy of their class syllabus. We read and discuss each section. It is important for students to share with their parents the content of the course syllabus, in particular,the Content Standards, Syllabus & Classroom Procedures, the Expected School-Wide Learning Results, the tentative schedule,and my contact information. Students also receive a questionnaire, which should be filled out by both, the student and the parent. It is important that you answer all the questions and provide the information required including your contact information –your telephone number and email address – in the event that I need to contact you regarding the progress of your son or daughter in my class. If you have questions about my course syllabus, please contact me via email.

            Learning a foreign language is a fun experience, but it also has its challenges. It is imperative for students to keep up with the pace in our class in order to minimize being overwhelmed and to maximize their learning experience. As a requirement, students must review their vocabulary words for homework 20-30 minutes each day our class meets. The same is required for their grammar lessons. Students need to read, reflect, and take notes on grammar lessons the day before I lecture on the topic. They must bring their book, a three ring binder, a black/blue color ink pen, AND a red ink pen to make corrections,  to class every day. If you look at the schedule section of the course syllabus, you will see that I intend to cover the entire book. It is to the student’s advantage to be well prepared for class. Discipline and consistency lead to better learning and success in class. In addition, students will be better prepared to move on to the next Spanish level the following school year.

            There are many advantages in learning a second language, including better pay, a larger social network, appreciation for other cultures and traditions, etc. Research also shows that students who learn a second language do better in standardized tests. As a parent, you can assist your son or daughter with his or her work in Spanish. For example, challenge him/her to a vocabulary game. Then, take the test preparation online, print your results and post it on the refrigerator door. Tell him or her to do the same. The player with the lowest score washes dishes for a week. Ask him or her to be your World Language teacher. Please show interest in what they are learning.

I have high expectations for all my students. I invite you to team up with me to help your son or daughter work to their full potential. Visit the homework site periodically and help them stay on track. Check their returned test papers and encourage them to always do their best.

            I hope you find my website user-friendly. Thank you for being involved in your son’s or daughter’s education. Send me an email with your questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to an exciting and successful school year.

Mrs. Salazar 


It is important for students to review their vocabulary words at least 20-30 minutes every time our class meets. Equally important, students need to read, reflect, and take notes on grammar lessons before I lecture on the topic in class. Students use the two-column note taking technique for grammar lessons. This technique is simple but effective. Students write their notes, definitions, examples, summaries, chart conjugations, reflections, questions, etc. on the left column of their paper. Then, in class as I lecture, they write the information missing from the left side, such as new items and the answers to their questions on the right column. This technique is more about interacting with the teacher during lectures and less about writing everything written on the board.

Students who study their grammar lessons and practice their vocabulary words before they are covered in class, tend to retain the information for longer periods of time. It is all about being disciplined and consistent. The rewards: better test scores and having fun while learning a second language.

There is no such thing as "I don't have homework". There is homework everyday. Students should be using Quizlet to learn vocabulary. Quizlet has many fun and effective interactive games. Students should also visit the textbook website for additional practice activities. You will find the web-code on the same page as the lesson in the textbook.


Maria Salazar

Humanities Magnet


¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Please download the syllabus for your class level and keep a copy in your three-ring binder for reference. Check the assignment window on a regular basis to keep informed about assignments, test dates and other important news. Visit the links to my website and the Realidades® site for additional vocabulary and grammar practice activities.

I am looking forward to working with you this school year.




Class of 2017



L.A.U.S.D. & the California Department of Education Bi-Literacy

Awards Seal on your diploma?


·      Did you take AP English Language and score 3 or better on the AP test

      in your Junior year?


·      Did you take AP Span. Language / AP Span. Literature and score a 3+ on the 

     AP test in your Junior year?


     AP French? Any other Language?


     *Did you study abroad to learn a language other than English?


If so, you can apply for the Seal of Bi-literacy Award, which will be affixed to your diploma, will be recorded on your transcripts, and will be recognized with a white honor cord worn during graduation.