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Mathematics, Science, Medicine


Mathematics, Science, Medicine

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is a four-year college preparatory program focusing on motivating students in pursuing careers in mathematics, the sciences, and the medical and health professions. MSM, established in 1999, encourages and supports the whole student: academic development, career development, and personal/social development.
The program introduces students to a variety of careers, ensuring students meet A-G high school graduation requirements while preparing them to be academically competitive and college and career ready. Our 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students are offered Advanced Placement classes in a variety of subjects. MSM students actively participate in their instructional classes and visit university and private research laboratories, hospitals, and other medical/health service agencies.

Mathematics, Science, Medicine


All students in MSM are advised to enroll in and successfully complete math and science classes.  MSM students are exposed to a variety of careers in the medical field, with opportunities to volunteer in local hospitals and participate in summer internships.  MSM also has a vibrant and active leadership group that collects and donates over 1000 pounds of food every year to the local food bank, SOVA.  Students also raise funds to sponsor medical operations for children with cleft lips and palates through the non-profit group Smile Train.

The program prepares students to become academically competitive in entering a four-year college/university, community college, or technical/trade school that focuses on their chosen area of study.


Mathematics, Science, Medicine Partnership Opportunities

Health Fair (9th-10th)
Youth Volunteer Program (10th -12th)

First Responders (10th - 11th)

Sports Medicine (11th - 12th)
Shadow Program (11th -12th)
Summer Youth Employment Program (10th- 12th)

Local Hospitals:
Teen Volunteer Program
Summer Teen Employment Program
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Mathematics, Science, Medicine

To assist you in pursuing careers in the following fields:
  • Mathematics
  • Teaching
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Research
  • Medicine
  • Health Professions

Some comments from our 2011 graduating Seniors:

"I liked the fact that most of my classes were pointed towards medical classes such as the many sciences and math. The people in my SLC are nice and fun to be around, and I really enjoyed meeting people with similar interests."
"The connection between students. All the students worked hard to bring the SLC up. It's like a family. I had the best time in my life with my friends in my SLC."
"Mathematics, Science, Medicine offers "First Responders: and 'Medical Terminology".
"We go on field trips to hospitals."
"We are like a family. We help each other and if we seek for help everybody is ready to help."
Kaiser Permanente Internship - that was the highlight.
"It was fun and teachers were cool."
"My Counselor was a big help/support in my years here."
"The community feel and the volunteer/internship opportunities"
"All the fun experiments and classes."
"I like the counselor, Mr. Harada and the teachers who love what they do to help bring the curriculum of classes for their students."
I really liked the Super Special awesome teachers... cool counselor,.. and leadership...
"What was best about my SLC is it always talks bout the medical field."
Mathematics, Science, Medicine "helped me find my future which was working in the medical field... Athletic training!!!"