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If you need a locker or are having issues with your current locker, please fill out the

online locker form


All responses will be sent directly to your email account.



Please note:

If you are in the Humanities Magnet, please see Ms. Press in the Humanities office for your locker assignment and information.



Locker #'s Location
1-392 Brown Hall 2nd Floor
395-532 Brown Hall 3rd Floor
856-1021 Brown Hall 3rd Floor
533-855 Brown Hall 3rd Floor
1859-2125 Humanities Bldg 2nd Floor
3660-3799 Lab Basement
2149-2322 Lab Bldg 1st Floor
2621-2829 Lab Bldg 1st Floor
2326-2619 Lab Bldg 1st Floor
2830-2938 Lab Bldg 2nd Floor
3251-3483 Lab Bldg 2nd Floor
2939-3250 Lab Bldg 2nd Floor
5107-5149 Lab Bldg 3rd Floor
5051-5106 Lab Bldg 3rd Floor
5201-5251 Lab Bldg 3rd Floor
5017-5050 Lab Bldg 3rd Floor
5150-5200 Lab Bldg 3rd Floor
A1-A108 Tech Bldg 1st Floor
A201-A293 Tech Bldg 2nd Floor
How to Open a Locker
Directions for Opening a Locker
  1. Spin the dial at least three times to the right (clockwise), all the way around.

  2. Turn the dial to the right and stop at your first number. Always start with a turn to the right!

  3. For your second number, turn the dial to the left, going past zero and your first number. Then stop at your second number.

  4. For your third number, turn the dial to the right and go directly to the last number. Always remember: right, left, right.

  5. Pull up on the latch or handle.