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  Laura Press Humanities Coordinator
  Dr. Veronica Yah Humanities Counselor

About our Magnet

The Humanities Magnet was established in 1981 to address the inequities that resulted from segregation.  Ever since our founding, we have offered an interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum emphasizing activities designed to strengthen a student’s cultural literacy, critical thinking skills and his ability to articulate complex ideas.

Humanities recruitment

What makes our program unique? 

Humanities is the study of what makes us human. At Hamilton, that means an emphasis on strong English and History courses where the teachers stress reading, writing and critical thinking and areas study include the arts, literature, philosophy, media, etc. The class sizes are small, the work is rigorous, and the faculty is supportive, creative and enthusiastic.

Humanities Electives

9th grade: Humanities Wheel and Ancient Civilization

11th Grade: All students take Art History

AP Classes: English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Calculus, Studio Art, Drawing, Music Theory, Statistics, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, French, Human Geography, Government, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science and more

Additional unique course offerings include:

  • Languages: Spanish, French, Sign Language, Arabic
  • YES Program: Youth Empowerment Seminar
  • African Art
  • Mexican-American and African-American Literature

Senior Projects: Culminating project and exhibition which reflect student interests and their experiences in the Humanities Magnet with a Humanities Faculty Member as their advisor

Teachers who teach multiple grade levels and classes to get to know students better

Small class sizes, 37 students maximum per Magnet class and 26 Maximum in Humanities, 9th and 11th grades English

Small Magnet on a comprehensive high school campus

  • Approximately 380 students
  • Thirteen teachers
  • Three full-time professionals outside of the classroom (coordinator, counselor and office assistant)
  • Allows us to meet students’ needs, both personal and academic
  • Develop a special sense of community with shared values that encourage high expectations
Schools Humanities Students Attend
List of Schools Humanities Attend