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  Stephanie Lartelier (310) 280-1541 ex: 1563 Assistant Principal

Comprehensive Student Support

CSS Mission and Vision

The Comprehensive Student Support (CSS) Team provides a collaborative approach towards supporting at-risk students.  Students who have been identified as needing extra help in multiple areas are referred to the counselors, deans, or other support personnel and provided services (individual or group counseling) by trained professionals from several community based agencies.  All services are provided on campus once-a-week during the school day. 

Hamilton students can also receive confidential medical services on campus through a partnership with Westside Family Clinic.  The schedule for this school year is under resources (right side of page).

CSS MISSION:        

To promote student well-being and appropriate behavior by providing effective and timely interventions.

CSS VISION:           

Hamilton Students engaging in life and learning with confidence.




The California Department of Education has a system in place to assist those who wish to file a complaint against a district, school, employee, or other local educational agency. Some matters fall within the scope of the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP), while others do not.

The issues that may involve filing a complaint under the UCP can be found in the pamphlet below:

Uniform Complaint Procedures Pamphlet


A Williams Complaint, another type of UCP complaint, regards instructional materials, emergency or urgent facilities conditions that pose a threat to the health and safety of pupils, and teacher vacancy or misassignment, and may be filed anonymously. Williams Complaints are filed with the principal, or their designee, of the school in which the complaint arises. Schools have complaint forms available for these types of complaints, but will not reject a complaint if the form is not used as long as the complaint is submitted in writing. For more information on Williams Complaints and other procedures for filing a complaint, please visit the website below. 


Comprehensive Student Support Locker