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Thinking about taking an online class?

Beware! Some (many) of those schools are not approved programs and/or you MAY NOT get any credit for having taken the class and shelled out hundreds of dollars. Be very careful when choosing a program and even more careful with how much money you spend.

Admissions Rep?

Are you an admissions representative from an Accredited school and would like to schedule a visit to speak with our students about opportunities at your school? Please email Ms. Chai at to be put on the calendar.

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Hamilton High School Eligibility for Fee Waiver(s)

To be eligible for a fee waiver for standardized tests, student must meets one or more of the following requirements

· Is enrolled in free or reduced lunch program

· Is enrolled in a program for the economically disadvantaged (AVID, TRIO, Upward Bound)

· Family’s annual income falls within the levels listed by USDA for free or reduced lunch prices (SAT pamphlet for more information)

· Family received public assistance

· Family lives in federally subsidized public housing

· Is a resident in a foster home

Please go to the LAUSD website link below for more information on applying for the free lunch program (and become eligible for fee waivers for standardized tests)   

 Ready to get started on the application?

Fee waivers cannot be used for Standby (same day) registration


SAT, ACT, Subject Tests

Students can receive:

· Two fee waivers for the SAT Reasoning test

· Two Fee waivers for the SAT Subject tests (two sittings, students can take up to three Subject tests in one sitting)

· Two ACT Fee Waivers


College Application Fee Waivers:

Students can receive up to four College Application Fee Forms from the College Board (check with the college of your choice to see if they will accept these forms). 

COMMON APP: Students must select "Fee Waiver" on the application. The link is sent directly to the school counselor for approval for all fee waivers. 

UC and Cal State Fee Waivers are ONLY given via the college application site.  No paper fee waivers are given nor will they be accepted for these applications. The University of California Office of the President and The Cal State University system will determine whether each application qualifies for a fee waiver to their institution.  The UC/CSU fee waivers are NOT distributed through the Hamilton College Office. 


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