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Campus Council

Campus Council Meeting - Thursday, May 31st at 4:30p.m. in Library

Campus Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, May 31, 2018


1) Approval of YAG

2) Special Homebase Schedule


Campus Council Meeting Agenda, Thursday April 12, 2018 (4:30p.m. in Library)

Campus Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday April 12, 2018 (4:30p.m. in Library)


1. Professional Development Schedule for 2018-19 school year

2. Discussion of professional development content for 2018-19 school year.

3. WASC critical findings 

4. Bell schedule update

Agenda for Campus Council Meeting - Thursday, 11/30/2017 at 4:30p.m. in Library

Campus Council Agenda

November 30, 2017 at 4:30p.m. in Library


1. Bell Schedule Dialogue – What is important to our community when considering a change in bell schedule?



2. ESBMM Reauthorization Update



3. Update on recent WASC Student Survey

Agenda for 10-12-17 Campus Council Meeting - 4:30p.m. in Library

Campus Council Agenda

October 12, 2017 at 4:30p.m. in Library

1. Clarifying Composition of Council – How do we assign parent alternates for any unfilled seats?

2. Meeting Schedule for Year – Which dates work best for our schedules and needs of the school?   

3. Identifying Secretary to take Minutes – We need one person who will take minutes.  What is the best way to communicate minutes to stakeholders in a transparent manner? 

4. Review and Approval of Bylaws – What areas of proposed bylaws need to be discussed/amended?   Do we want to establish two-year terms of service for all stakeholders?  How do we define consensus? 

5. IMA Budget Proposal

6. ESBMM Reauthorization Update – What is the status of our ESBMM plan approval from the District?

7. Mission and Vision of School – What updates/amendments are necessary?

6. Topics to Discuss at Next Meeting


Campus Council

Campus Council (Hamilton’s Extended School-Based Management)



1 Director (teacher) from each SLC (4)

  • Connie Moore-Kelly, BIT
  • Sonia McCarthy, CAA
  • Laura Press, GS
  • Edward Co, MSM

1 Humanities Coordinator

  • Fran Rose

1 AMPA Coordinator

  • Marlene Zuccaro

2 teachers elected at large

  •   Joyce Chonis
  •   Dean Seislove

1 Parent rep from each SLC and magnets

  • Emily Magruder (Music)
  • Illse Bronte (Humanities)
  • Yolany Guzman (BIT)
  • Open (Global Studies)
  • Open (MSM)
  • Open (CAA) 

1 student body president

  •   Simone Walker

1 elected classified member

  •   Luke Garner

1 Principal

  • Brenda Pensamiento

1 UTLA Chapter Chair

  • Larry Shoham


Total Members:  9 Faculty, 9 certificated.

Principal and UTLA Chair co-host the meeting.


Duties & Purview


The Hamilton High Campus Council, which is the name we have assigned to the “Local School Leadership Council” identified in Article XXVII of the LAUSD-UTLA collective bargaining agreement, shall carry out the following duties:


  • Review/revise Hamilton’s ESBMM plan (Expanded School Based Management Model)
  • Review/revise Hamilton’s Campus Council Bylaws
  • Determine Staff Development Program (e.g., We have designated a committee [Instructional Cabinet] to design a professional development plan in alignment to LAUSD goals and students’ needs. 
  • Develop and approve of student discipline guidelines and code of student conduct
  • Schedule of school activities and events, and special schedules (e.g., approving a calendar of events that includes final bell schedules and “Year at a Glance”)  
  • Guidelines for use of school equipment, including copy machine
  • Determine selection method of principal
  • Determine the following local budgetary matters:
    1. Instructional Material Account (IMA), Object code 4310 of Program Code 3027,
    2. Lottery Funds, account 5381 (If such funds are made available to school sites)
    3. School-Determined Needs, account 3986,
    4. State Textbook and Related Material, accounts 4111, 4152, and 4267 (If the District allows us to access these funding lines)
    5. Student Integration Program Discretionary Funds. (As of October 2017, we are looking into this to see if these funds are made available to us)