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Contact Information
  Jaime Ledezma Teacher/ CAA Director
  Sherymaria Bacon (310) 280-1400 ex: 1554 CAA Counselor
  Daniel Blank (310) 280-1400 ex: 1552 Assistant Principal
  Sterling Brown Teacher
  Abraham Catahan Teacher
  Catherine Donabedian Teacher
  Geoffrey Doute Teacher
  Andrew Henning Teacher
  Kathleen Iannacone Teacher
  Todd Johnson Teacher
  Jon Lee Teacher
  Leila Lujan Teacher
  Gail Middleton Teacher
  Evan Oliver Teacher
  Mary Rarang Teacher
  Kenneth Turner Restorative Justice Coordinator
  Edwin Williams Teacher

Communication Arts Academy

The Communication Arts Academy (CAA) is a college preparatory school with a focus on the visual and communicative arts.  Students may find a focus in Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Film, and Journalism.  Although the classes are geared toward the creative student, academics are a priority.  CAA is a Partnership Academy with special funding to provide exposure to colleges and the world of work through field trips (at least 1 per semester for each grade level) and work experience. 

CAA inspires students not only to value arts education but also to consider how to effectively communicate through oral, written, visual, artistic, and electronic means.  The courses are designed to encourage students to enhance and develop their capacities for critical appraisal, reflection, and expression, and to expand their participation in the communication-driven social and civic life of the twenty-first century.  Students are well prepared to enter an ever-changing world.

The teachers, administrators, staff, and parents of Hamilton High School believe in the dignity and worth of all students.  We are committed to creating and maintaining small learning communities in order to maximize the achievement of our diverse student population.




Class of 2026 Course Preference Sheet



To select the Communication Arts Academy (CAA) for your student & request 9th grade classes, click the link