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Business and Interactive Technology Academy

Jenise Cooley, 

BITA Director/ Math Teacher

The BITA Experience

Engaging Educational Experiences by Connecting Curriculum to Technology and Real World Experiences

is the goal of Business and Interactive Technology Academy (BITA). Our faculty provides an engaging, educational experience which incorporates rigorous academic curricular standards while at the same time integrating technology skills across every discipline. Technology has been an integral part of life for BITA students over the past two years. We have over 160 tablet laptops that are used to enhance instruction throughout the learning community. This year, BITA has continued to emphasize student use of technology in the classroom, however, it has increased its focus on preparing our students for careers in business, both as entrepreneurs and as skilled workers.



The BIT Academy incorporates an Entrepreneurship Pathway. In addition to fulfilling the A-G academic requirements, the BITA curriculum includes instruction in Financial Literacy, Computer Technology and Entrepreneurship. BITA allows its students to achieve professional certifications in Microsoft Office and the Adobe Product Suite. In addition, BITA has competed in the UCLA Project Echo (Entrepreneurial Concepts—Hands-On) business plan competition and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship local and regional competition.  NFTE fills a unique and critical educational need by teaching our students worldwide the entrepreneurial mindset and business fundamentals.

BITA has also partnered with West Los Angeles College to provide students the opportunity to complete college credits on the Hamilton High School Campus. Students can receive high school elective credits for their participation in these college courses. Students who begin this program in their 9th or 10th grade year may have the opportunity to receive a Certificate in Business Administration when they graduate. 

Recently, BITA has partnered with Brandman University (a part of the Chapman University System).  Through a newly established partnership with West Los Angeles College and Brandman University (which is located on the WLAC Campus),  BITA students can start taking classes right now which will count towards a Certificate of Achievement, Associate of Arts, Bachelors, and/or Masters degree in Business Administration.   



Business professionals volunteer their time and expertise to serve as Board members and mentors. These professionals share their expertise on career training and guidance. Academy students have access to field trips that are associated with the businesses world. Our most recent partnerships include the California Council for Economic Education (CCEE) and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. As a result of our partnership with the CCEE, we will be starting both in person and virtual mentorships with our BITA students. These meetings will take place in our newly furnished and equipped (through generous donations from CCEE and its partners) CCEE/BITA Suites Business Training Center (located in T205) .



BITA students can study Entrepreneurship. During the first semester, students will participate in Project Echo. This program is operated by UCLA that teaches students how to develop business plans and allows them to create actual on-campus businesses. BITA students are mentored by MBA candidates from the Anderson School of Business. Final business plans will be submitted in February to be judged against plans from other high schools. Cash prizes will be awarded to the schools with the winning entry.



BITA offers students the opportunity to obtain nationally recognized professional certifications in Microsoft Office and the Adobe Product suite. Students obtain teacher-led instruction coupled with the Learnkey online learning system . Certification testing is accomplished using the Certiport certification testing system



The popular Business Dress Day has been renamed to Corporate Day. Business professionals are invited to come and speak to students about their careers. Students dress in corporate attire to symbolize their commitment to professionalism. Corporate Day is held once per quarter.

BITA has also implemented a BITA Student Leadership Team. The leadership positions are based on the corporate leadership structure (CEO, CFO, etc.). Students interested in participating in the BITA Leadership team are required to complete an application and submit a resume. The BITA staff members interview students and select the candidates based on their commitment to the BIT mission, leadership skills and professionalism. The BITA leadership team plan activities for the BITA students, with the focal point for providing business support for activities that are held on the campus and fulfill the BITA Mission.

Recently, student leadership has had a chance work directly with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the making and selling of coffee products (ice blended and drip coffees) during several Hamilton High evening events.  These students were trained and directly supervised by a general manager from a local Coffee Bean.

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