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  Norris Milton Athletic Director
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COVID 19 Vaccination Requirements

All student-athletes must be vaccinated to participate in LAUSD Interscholastic Athletics. If they have not received their second shot on or by October 31. 2021, they WILL NOT be permitted to compete on any athletic team within Los Angeles Unified School District until they have been vaccinated. 

The timeline for your shots is:

1st dose on or by October 3, 2021

2nd dose on or before October 31, 2021


*****Urgent Athletics Update*****

The new District physical forms must be used for any new physical dated August 23, 2021, or after.   

Any outdated physical forms used will not be accepted by school nurses on August 23 or after.



 English: 2021 PPE (Physical Form) English.pdf (PDF)

Spanish: 2021 PPE (Physical Form) Spanish.pdf (PDF)


This Week (10/25 - 10/29) in Hamilton Athletics

Tuesday 10/26:

Girls Tennis vs South East, at 12:30 pm (CIF-LA Playoffs Round 1)

Girls Volleyball @ Carson HS, at 4:00 pm (CIF-LA Playoffs Round 1)


Thursday 10/28:

Girls Tennis @ Banning HS at 12:30 pm (CIF-LA Quarterfinals)


Friday 10/1

Football vs Firfax HS at 2:30 pm (Senior Game)




For sport-specific updates and announcements, please join the appropriate Hamilton Athletics teams Schoology group. The Schoology group access codes are listed below. Thank you to everyone that represents our school, athletics department, and individual sport teams with class, sportsmanship, and integrity. 

Go Yankees!  



Baseball 5CC-VVK5-FJTQC
Basketball (Boys) BQ7K-GBNK-2GFR7
Basketball (Girls) 24VW-WHGW-C3QRT
Cheer HV69-H9RH-7HVSS
Cross Country CBXZ-WXW9-8N95G
Football 468J-94MS-FSXWT
Lacrosse (Boys) FJ24-QXJJ-KMVC6
Lacrosse (Girls) Z3BH-BQCQ-M9RCD
Soccer (Boys) RNQ3-BJHZ-Q73CP
Soccer (Girls) QCTK-RPNZ-5654Q
Softball PB68-PRTN-HB4M7
Tennis (Boys) 5VF8-XF3F-QX7RS
Tennis (Girls) Z3ZF-HNF5-78C3W
Track and Field G8MM-Z9XP-MKM6N
Volleyball (Boys) H6QV-X5V2-GCJFW
Volleyball (Girls) H6QV-X5V2-GCJFW



                  Are you interested in playing sports next school year?                 (2021-22)?

Hamilton Sports Registration is NOW OPEN for ALL sports

Now is the time to complete the Athletic Clearance process. This process is MANDATORY for ALL students who wish to compete in Interscholastic Athletics at Hamilton High School. This clearance process DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will make the team however, it is necessary for you to be able to condition, train, and try out with any Hamilton Athletics Team.


There is a 3 step process that is to be completed to be fully cleared for Athletics.


  1. Create a profile in Athletic Clearance for the 2021-2022 athletic year. There, you and your parents can complete the paperwork necessary to participate in athletics
    1. Go to to start your clearance process.
  2. You must have a current physical on file, and it MUST be on the LAUSD Athletic Physical Form.                                                                         *Kaiser Physical Forms are accepted*
    1. Make sure everything is complete and that you sign and date both pages of the physical.
    2. You and your parent(s) should complete the first page and the doctor will complete the second page.
    3. MAKE SURE THE DOCTOR STAMPS YOUR PHYSICAL. It will not be accepted if you don't have the stamp.
  3.  A copy of your insurance card.

*Physical and Medical Card should be uploaded to your Athletic Clearance profile.*




*Updated*Hamilton Athletics Spectator Policy

Hamilton Athletics will begin our revised spectator policy on Monday 5/03/2021

Guidelines include:

  • 2 visitors per student-athlete for both home and visiting team. 
  • An approved list will be generated at least one day prior to competition.
  • Spectators must wear face covering and be at least 6 ft from anyone not in your household.
  • Baseball and Volleyball spectators are highly encouraged to bring own chairs.
  • Spectators are encouraged to bring own drinking water.
  • Spectators without face covering will be humbly addressed by school staff.
    • Refusal to wear face covering will result in staff asking spectator to exit the premises. 
  • Visitor must go through the proper LAUSD screening and protocols.
    • COVID test 72 hours prior to entering campus.
    • Present your Daily Pass upon entry to campus.
    • All visitors must enter through the south gate at the front of the campus.
    • All visitors will be temperature checked at the gate.
  • You can retrieve your daily pass and schedule your COVID Test at



You missed the parent meeting regarding the Athletics Spectators Policy? You can see the presentation here.

Interscholastic Athletics Return to Conditioning

Interscholastic Athletics Return to Conditioning Update 

Update as of 3/5/2021 


****Participation in Interscholastic Athletics is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY**** 


Sports for 3/8 Start are


Baseball: Enter at the South Gate of the school no earlier than 2:50 pm, and no later than 3:15 pm 

Boys Basketball: Enter South Gate no earlier than 6:50 am, and no later than 7:15 am for the Morning session. Enter South Gate no earlier than 3:50 pm, and no later than 4:15 pm for the Afternoon session. 

Football: Enter at South Gate of the school no earlier than 2:50 pm, and no later than 3:15 pm 

Girls Basketball: Enter at South Gate of the school no earlier than 2:50 pm, and no later than 3:15 pm 



Sports whose start dates are TBD

Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse, Swim & Dive, Track & Field, and Softball 



Requirements for the first day of practice (03/08 as per above): 

  • Standard HHS Athletics Clearance – Students must have 1) submitted information in 2) Current physical on file. 3) Proof of Insurance and 4) Minimum 2.0 GPA from previous grading period.  

    *Student-Athlete should be listed on current Eligibility Report* 

  • COVID Waiver Release Form – Signed by Parent/Guardian. This can be turned in on-campus just ahead of practice, but MUST have already been signed by Parent/Guardian. Form can be found on HHS’s athletics website and is also available on the Athletic Team’s Schoology Group attached. This can be emailed to Assistant Principal Ron Lenhart @ or turned in on-campus just ahead of practice. 
  • Proof of COVID Test: Official paperwork/proof of a COVID-19 Test taken a. Test must be taken within 72 hours of accessing campus. 


    Documents and information regarding LAUSD and HHS Athletics in general can be found here: 
virtual Hamilton Athletics Parent Meeting

Greetings Hamilton Athletics Parents, 

Please plan to join us Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 6:00pm for a virtual Hamilton Athletics Parent Meeting. We will discuss the latest updates and guidelines for the 2020-21 LAUSD Interscholastic Athletics. All parents and student-athletes are invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Meeting ID: 823 3449 5820 

Pass Code:  587136

Click Here to Join Zoom Meeting

Hami vs Laces

On Tuesday, February 16th at 2:30pm, Hami's varsity Rocket League Team will face off against LACES High School. Last season, LACES was ranked #8 in the national standings. Come out to support our Hami Rocket League gamers on our Twitch channel:


If you are interested in joining our Hami e-sports team, please submit your paperwork on 

(No insurance card or physical necessary). 


Also, please join our Hami Gamers Schoology group. 

Access code: RRQW-SDZZ-7323W. 


This is due by Monday, January 18th. 

The deadline for registration was 11-3-20 for the 2020-2021 school year. You will not be able to try out for a sport without a completed registration.


All athletes for all sports had to register (CLICK HEREand complete the required paperwork for team tryouts and continuing participation in their sport.  In addition, a physical exam was needed to be provided to their coach or Athletic Director.


    For Insurance needs

    Protect your child with Student Accident Insurance
    School is not a spectator sport. From hopping and skipping to blocking and tackling, our commitment to protecting kids starts as early as kindergarten. That’s why we’re here! Online Enrollment—Secured Accident Plan Coverage can be purchased any time throughout the year. Remember to visit our website for faster enrollment. Checks, money orders, or credit cards accepted. DO NOT SEND CASH Serviced by:  K&K Insurance Group, Inc. Phone: 855-742-3135



    • Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
    • Football
    • Tennis (Girls)
    • Volleyball (Girls)
    • Sideline Cheer 


    • Basketball (Boys and Girls)
    • Soccer (Boys and Girls) 
    • Sideline Cheer 


    • Baseball (Boys)
    • Softball (Girls)
    • Swim Team (Boys and Girls)
    • Tennis (Boys)
    • Track and Field (Boys and Girls)
    • Volleyball (Boys)
    • Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)
    • Competitive Cheer