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LA Commons

la_commons.pngLA Commons engages teams of professional artists and youth artists (age 15-25) to collect neighborhood stories as inspiration to create temporary works of public art that share the stories and add to the beautification goals of the community.  Each project begins with a meeting of neighborhood stakeholders who identify sites, resources, and neighborhood issues that could be addressed through a community arts project.  An arts team is gathered through local schools and community centers. Youth collect stories through on street interviews, research and at a neighborhood story sharing event.  Youth and artists collaborate to design and create temporary works of public art such as murals, light pole banners, utility box art, and installations that share the stories and make a strong visual impact in public locations.  The work culminates with a community celebration.


Palms Utility Box Murals  -  On August 8, 2012 we celebrated the opening of the Palms Utility Box Mural Beautification Project. Representatives from the Palms Neighborhood Council, through whose generous funding this project was made possible, the City Council and the State Assembly, along with members of the Palms came together at the Museum of Jurassic Technology to congratulate students from Hamilton High School and local artists Diana-Sofia Estrada and John Trevino on a job well done.  The beautiful mural designs for the utility boxes are based on stories collected from stakeholders in the community. These boxes represent the history, culture and institutions of Palms.

PalmsBox07.jpg 7754299218_999d97e1a7.jpg
Palms Box by LA Commons.png img_3658.jpg


Mid City Light Pole Project  -

Mid-City-Light-Pole-Banner-Project2-page-0012.jpg LeimertParkBanners-72.jpg