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Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect Notification System

The Los Angeles Unified School District uses a District wide notification system called Blackboard Connect to personally communicate with parents and staff, regarding emergency situations, attendance, school events and other important issues impacting you and your child. The Blackboard Connect service allows us to send personalized voice messages to your family's home, work or cell phones, and also contact you through email, text messaging and social networks. We are able to reach everyone in the District within minutes based on Blackboard Connect's capabilities which improves school and Districtwide communication with parents and employees. Keeping parents more informed and involved leads tot higher student achievement and student safety. Please help us by ensuring we have your current contact information. You can specify on which phone you receive general notification, attendance and emergency communications by completing the Student Emergency Information Form.

What Numbers Should I Provide for Blackboard Connect?

There are many instances when the school will attempt to reach you.

  • General notification messages are sent during the early evening. These messages are non-emergency in nature and announce upcoming events or reminders.
  • Attendance notification messages are generally sent during school day and in the early evening. These messages are sent to inform you that your child has been reported as an unexcused absence or tardy for one or more periods or an entire day of school. The most appropriate number is a daytime telephone number. If you are a working parent, this is most often your work number or cell phone number. If parent is home during the day, this is the home telephone number. It is recommended that the attendance number not be the home number if no one is there during the day.
  • Emergency notification messages are of an urgent nature and are sent anytime during the day. The number you should provide is where you are most likely to be reached during the majority of your waking hours. Blackboard Connect will call every number stored including the numbers for general and attendance notifications to ensure the parents are reached. This number should be for the parent or guardian and not the alternate contacts provided on the Student Emergency Information Form. The information on the Student Emergency Information Form will be utilized should the school not be able to reach the parent or guardian.
  • Teacher Messages are sent to inform you of your child's academic standing, general behavior and work habits, and a classroom reminder and notifications.