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Athletic Clearance

All athletes for all sports CLICK HERE to register and complete required paperwork for team tryouts and continuing participation in your sport.  In addition get your physical now and bring it to your coach or Athletic Director.

Los Angeles Rams Academic Challenge

We are proud to announce that the LA Rams have extended an invitation, and Hamilton has accepted, to join the LA Rams Academic Challenge for the 2018 Football Season. Our very own Hamilton Yankees Football Team will be competing against 5 other LAUSD schools in a competition for the most improved GPA from last year's team. The winning school with the most improvement will receive a $2500 prize from the LA Rams. Additionally, the team with the highest GPA will also receive a $2500 prize. We are proud of our student-athletes and wish them the best on this competition. To welcome the teams to the challenge, the LA Rams has invited us and is providing tickets for Hamilton to represent at their game against the Houston Texans this Saturday, August 25th at 1:00 pm. Each of the competing schools' captains will be introduced and given a chance to represent their schools. 


To personally welcome Hamilton to the challenge, former UCLA and Green Bay running back Jonathan Franklin was at Tuesday's practice. Here are some pictures from that event.


For Insurance needs
Protect your child with Student Accident Insurance
School is not a spectator sport. From hopping and skipping to blocking and tackling, our commitment to protecting kids starts as early as kindergarten. That’s why we’re here! Online Enrollment—Secured Accident Plan Coverage can be purchased any time throughout the year. Remember to visit our website for faster enrollment. Checks, money orders, or credit cards accepted. DO NOT SEND CASH Serviced by:  K&K Insurance Group, Inc. Phone: 855-742-3135


Wanted Girls Volleyball Coach

Wanted  Hamilton HS      Girls Volleyball Coach





Head Coach: $2,311.00

JV Coach: $1,691.00

Boys Basketball Tryouts!!! 2018

Boys Basketball Tryouts schedule 2018:

All Grades 9-12


Wednesday, Aug.29 (all grades Big Gym).

Wednesday, Sept. 5 (9th & 10th grade-Big gym).

Thursday, Sept. 6 (11th & 12th grade Small Gym).

Monday, Sept. 17 (9th & 10th grade Small Gym

Thursday, Sept. 20th (11th & 12th grade Big Gym).


After school 3:30p-5p. If you have a 7th period come to tryouts after 4:20p. If you have questions see Coach Mizuno (PE Office) or Coach Brown (Rm 510). 


** Everyone trying-out must coplete the athletic packet and have a physical form from the doctor.  You must fill out the forms online.  Go to the Hamilton website at and click register and complete basketball paperwork.  You must also download your physical and bring it to Coach Mizuno before trying-out.



                                            Where: Hamilton’s Gyms.


                       Varsity:  Coach Mizuno                                                                                 JV:  Coach Brown

Boys Soccer Tryouts!!! 2018

Boys Soccer Try-outs!!!   September 25,26,27, & 28th. Tues-Fri.  3:20-5:20p. on the Baseball Field.  Complete online paperwork and bring you physical to the Coach.




Coach Juan and Sabrina Castro: 

Thanks to the Varsity Sports Night committee for you excellence!

Softball Tryouts

October 22, 23, 24 at 3:15 pm on the Softball Field.

In coming Freshmen.


Athletic Screening “PHYSICALS” are mandated by CIF rules once a year for all those trying out or participating in Athletics.

ALL Incoming Freshmen Athletes that plan to tryout for a sport must have their physical before the first day of tryouts.

NO EXCEPTIONS! If your student/athlete has not had a complete physical in some time, you may want to consider a complete physical with your physician.  Ideally, mid June is a good time to get the physical because it will cover the entire school year of sports.



Emergency Cards MUST be on file with the appropriate coach to participate in tryouts.

Official tryouts for sports will be held as posted on the website or otherwise announced during the school year.

Teams may hold "workouts" at different times throughout the year. Please consult with the current coach for information regarding those "workout" start and finish times. 



  • Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
  • Football
  • Tennis (Girls)
  • Volleyball (Girls)
  • Basketball (Boys and Girls) Fall Class Winter Sport
  • Soccer (Boys and Girls) Fall Class Winter Sport
  • Sideline Cheer 


  • Baseball (Boys)
  • Softball (Girls)
  • Swim Team (Boys and Girls)
  • Tennis (Boys)
  • Track and Field (Boys and Girls)
  • Volleyball (Boys)
  • Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)
  • Competitive Cheer



Hami wins Dorsey Baseball Tourney!!!


Hamilton Baseball is in the News! (March 2018)

Boys Soccer Try-Outs!!! 2018

Boys Soccer Try-outs on September 25,26,27, & 28th. Tues-Fri.  3:15p. On the Baseball Field.


Coach Juan & Sabrina Castro: