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Mission & Vision Statements

Alexander Hamilton High School

Mission Statement

The teachers, administration, staff, and parents of Hamilton High School believe in the dignity and worth of all Hamilton students. We are committed to creating and supporting small learning communities in order to maximize the achievement of our diverse student population.  

Vision Statement

Our students will be civic minded, productive members of the community.

Student Learning Outcomes

We are guided by the expectation that our students will succeed in all of the following areas:

  • Academic Achievement:  Each student will meet or exceed state learning standards and course expectations.

  • Personal Responsibility, Respect, Self-Discipline, Integrity, and Civic Responsibility:  Each student will exhibit honesty, self motivation, intellectual curiosity, dependability, and will respect the diverse members of the community.

  • Critical Thinking:  Each student will interpret information, be a problem solver, and make informed decisions.

  • Technological Skills:  Each student will use current technology to support and enhance learning.

  • Proficient Communication:  Each student will communicate effectively through oral, written, visual, artistic, and electronic means.


The school-wide Mission, Vision and Student Learning Outcomes were revised by parents, students, and faculty in spring, 2011.

Student Learning Outcomes