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Working Out!

workout 100_0966_1_0117.jpg 100_0957_1_0121.jpg Zumba 2013.jpg TW Fall 2012 146.JPG

jk livin Student Comments:

Half Marathon - "I thought that the half marathon was awesome and very exciting. When I was running through the city of Los Angeles and through downtown, getting that adrenaline rush towards the finish line, seeing all those people watch me run and finish, was very fun!"

Canyon Creek Sports Camp -"Camp was a very rewarding experience. I learn a lot and met new people. I didn't just do new physical activites but trust exercises too!"

Ice skating - "I liked ice skating, but I learned that I need lessons!"

Volunteer work at the L.A. Food Bank - I liked packing food and helping the team pack crates. It felt good to know that I was helping people."

Field Day - "I really liked the competition with other schools because of the good sportsmanship and the way it didn't matter what school you came from."

jk livin workouts - "I liked meeting new friends and working out."

"I liked the snacks and the feeling after the workouts."

"I enjoyed the different activities, like yoga and Zumba, and also the core workouts."

jk livin Fitness & Wellness

Hamilton jk livin Fitness & Wellness 

WhereHami Sound Mind, Sound Body Fitness Center

WhenMondays and Wednesdays

Time3:15 – 5:15 pm

You can stay for the entire time or you can leave when you need to go.

You can come every day or just one day. It’s up to you and your schedule.


just keep livin' is back at Hamilton!

the program will start soon, 

but we need your Registration forms signed by your parents!

So please pick up the Registration Forms from:

Mr. Schuyler, Room A-3

or Mr. Willis, Room 512


Forms need to be filled out with handwriting we can read & signed by your parents & returned to one of the teachers above.

Go to their website to read all about the foundation.

You must also be dressed in proper workout clothes and have a towel in order to workout.

No food, electronics, or backpacks in the fitness lab. Secure backpacks, purses, etc. in a locker.

If you have questions see Mr. Schuyler.

Parents who have questions: Contact Mr. Schuyler - roger.schuyler@lausd.net

The j.k. livin foundation (the j’s for just, the k’s for keep) was started to help teenage kids lead active lives and make health choices so they can become great men and women.  In keeping with the mindset and goals of j.k. livin, the foundation has set up after-school fitness and wellness programs in inner-city public schools where students might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about the body and mind connection.

The fitness and wellness programs are voluntary, not for credit, free, fun, and teaching students to help themselves. The program is a positive place where kids can learn and improve responsibility, self esteem, accountability and commitment. Participating students will have a safe place to overcome their fears and improve their lives with fitness coaches and health experts.

Fitness: The fitness aspect of the program offers students a chance to learn the positive results of exercise and overall health. The Hami j.k. livin fitness and wellness program takes place in our Sound Mind, Sound Body fitness center on campus, but it’s not unlikely to see the students outside if the sun is shining. Our fitness experts teach the importance of exercise for health benefits while incorporating a fun atmosphere for a safe and encouraging community.

Wellness: Being healthy is not just about an active body, it’s also about an active mind. This component of our program encourages kids to gain an understanding of the mind and body connection.  We believe the right mindset is important to make healthy choices and exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. Some activities include: Thank You Circle – a place to be grateful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished, Guest Speakers – some topics include overcoming obstacles, being a leader, and relaxation techniques, Positive incentives – such as sporting events and film screenings, and Journals – a place for students to keep a record of their progress and the journal includes inspirational quotes on topics such as courage, setting goals, and respect.

Service: We have incorporated a service aspect into the j.k. livin program to encourage our students to give back in their own communities and to empower them to take action. We believe a part of livin is about givin back and being thankful for what’s been given to you. Each semester, our students have the opportunity to attend a service day where they can make an n impact in their own community and make giving back a real part of their lives.


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

*What do I need to wear?

Any workout clothes will work - shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt, socks, gym shoes. Also, you must have a towel each workout (you'll be sweaty).

*What if I can't come one day of the week or if I need to come late or leave early?

No problem. We're open on select days and select times; however, you can attend the program during any of the days or times. Whatever works with your schedule is fine.

*What are the general rules of the program?

No gum or food is allowed in the fitness room. Leave all of your electronics at home. No i-pods, phones, etc. We have music. We have water. We have Clifbars. We encourage interaction between our jk livin students, so no one is permitted to have earbuds in their ears! Meet new people. Support and encourage each other. When we have guest speakers, be polite. When we go on trips, wear your jk livin shirt, be respectful and follow the rules of the location. Remember, you are representing not only yourself, but Hamilton High School and the j.k. livin foundation.

*Do I get credit for participating in the program?

No school credit is given; however, it is something that you can list on your college applications to show that you're involved. Some Physical Education teachers give extra credit for consistent participation in the program.

*Where can I put my backpack and other belongings?

You must keep all of your belongings in your locker or somewhere besides the fitness room. There is no room for backpack storage in the fitness room.

*Where do I get dressed?

The locker rooms are open after period 6 (for period 7 PE classes) for a short amount of time. The locker rooms are opened again at the end of period 7 (4:10). The next time the locker rooms will be open is at the end of our program (5:15). If you need different times (you come late or need to leave early), change clothes in one of the bathrooms.